Remembering Why You Came Here

At times, it may be easy to forget that we are innately attuned to Spirit. Living within a third dimensional simulation of reality, we are often taught to repress and resist our innate truths, those that connect us back to our cosmic lineage. This is because when we remember who we are, we in turn remember why we chose to come here, and this threatens the very framework this simulation was built upon. Collective confusion is profitable for those ‘running’ this hologram. As long as we do not remember our innate divinity, there is no probable reason for us as individuals to break free from the cycle of unconscious bondage, because we have been programmed to believe it’s necessary for survival. The truth is, the fight for survival is no longer necessary, though many are still operating out of programming that tells them otherwise. At one point in our human evolution, we did in fact have to struggle to survive, because we were at the beginning phase of a third density timeline. However, this timeline is collapsing because as all organic cosmic cycles do, it has run its course, served its purpose, and we now preparing for something much greater.

We are moving away from a third density timeline based in fear, assertion of power, and separation, into a fourth density timeline of co-existence, oneness, compassion, and ultimately, Love. This transition is one from the third chakra, the Solar Plexus or Manipura, into the fourth, the Heart or Anahata. It is no coincidence that density shifts directly correlate to the chakra system. When imbalanced, the Solar Plexus is a force of ego dominance, attempting to force its will onto those who are seen as vulnerable prey. It is likely that the majority of you are well aware of the fact that this is the reality we have been living in. This is the reason there are perceived hierarchies within this realm, though we have been taught to believe that we are all treated equally. Ha. The collective is currently undergoing a massive shift in which the Solar Plexus is being balanced and opened in a way where we are finally able to awaken to our own sovereignty, thus allowing ourselves to recognize the innate soveriengty of  all beings.

What is sovereignty? It is the recognition of one’s innate power to govern their life as they see fit, without impeding upon the innate sovereignty of those around them, as all beings are understood to be equally sovereign. This concept has been stripped from us, as up until recently we have been living under the authority of a not so secret oligarchy. The thing is, an oligarchy can not exist without the unconcious cooperation of the people, the collective. So when each individual awakens to their sovereignty, they in turn create the opportunity to disassociate from the illusionary idea that they need someone or a group of someones to govern them, and can instead begin to govern themselves. This is the primary reason for the surfacing of apparent chaos as of recently. As we close out this third density cycle, we are being given every possible opportunity to take back our power. There is no reason to continue lying in wait for some external governmental force that has been profiting off of our misery and discontentment to come in and save us. Perhaps now and again they will give us bits and pieces of what we ask for, scraps, so to speak, but this is only so we are not left begging. It would be unwise for them to open us to our sovereignty, because this means they could no longer gain from their presentation as all powerful beings. If the collective force stopped relying on these ‘people’, there would cease to be a reason for their worldly domination and mere existence.

Up until very recently, the Earth had been functioning with an imbalanced Solar Plexus. There were perceived leaders and there were followers. Now for the last few years, the people have been awakening to the truth in their power. This is the rebalancing of the collective Solar Plexus. We are taking back our power and encouraging others to do the same. For some it will take longer than others, but ultimately this is what we are all experiencing now. As we complete this process, we consequentially shift from third density into that of the fourth, which is correlated to the opening of the Heart. Once we collectively come to terms with our sovereignty, there ceases to be a need to protect or defend oneself, as there is no reason to live in fear of being dominated, and so in turn we transcend the fight for survival, creating a timeline based in Love and acceptance of all authentic expressions of humankind. In fourth density, we commune in mutual appreciation for the Other, as a divine reflection of Self. In the timeline we are birthing now, we honor one another as the precious fragments of Source we are. Separation is understood to be purely physical and it does not limit us from coming together in co-creative Love.

Now, for this to happen collectively, we must individually open up to the remembrance of our purpose here. It is rather difficult to harmoniously co-create with others when we are unsure of what it is we came here to create. As children, we are naturally attuned to the higher, ethereal realms of Spirit, and this is primarily because we have yet to be fully programmed to deny the concept of connectedness. Because of this, children naturally have within them a profound, undeniable imagination, a creative power  and presence so magical that it is feared by the ‘people in power’. This is why they try so hard to strip this creativity from us. Luckily, we always have the free will to remember, strengthen, and master it.

Before we begin to form within the womb of the Earthly Mother we have chosen to emerge from, we are one with Source energy. This Source energy connects all things, throughout all time, space, and matter, fusing parallel worlds and dimensions as one infinite Source of All that Is. This is why we have the power and ability to come into manifest far beyond what is considered the normal rate of population–we as fragments of Source energy can multiply infinitely. There is a never ending Source of opportunity, and I mean this quite literally. So when a Soul decides to split off from this field of energy and come into form, it is for a very specific purpose. A Soul can choose to exist as nothingness(which is Everything, in truth) for all of eternity but instead eventually chooses to manifest in physical form to honor its purpose. Though there may be some initial hesitation, ultimately we are reassured by the knowing that we can return to the vastness of Source whenever we choose. We are not obligated to come into form, though it may feel like it for some once here. As far as I can remember, being connected to everything is quite peaceful. There is nothing to do but to simply be, as the divine beings we innately are. However, after a certain amount of time, it becomes difficult to resist the call to come into manifest. There is just so much to experience and create here on this plane of existence. Once we choose to incarnate here, however, it may become increasingly difficult to awaken to our purpose because up until this point, the Earth has been one of the most challenging planes of existence to not only reside upon, but to thrive in. This is because Earth, or Gaia, had volunteered in the past to become what is known as a prison planet. I won’t go too deeply into this, but you can read more about it here.

Take a moment to ponder this. Of all planes of existence, you chose to incarnate here. You could have come into form anywhere, but for a very specific reason, you chose Earth as your habitat for the time being. This is no coincidence or accident. We choose to come into form with the knowing that we will forget our reasoning for coming here, until met with a series of challenges that trigger remembrance. Confusion and discontentment are natural parts of the human experience because ultimately, these states of being illuminate a desire to merge with something ‘greater’ than the human form we find ourselves in. This is because we innately know that there is something beyond this plane, even when popular culture has taught us to disregard this.

There is a reason why, we as children, throughout the course of human history, have always had the burning question of ‘what else, or who else, is out there’. It is and has always been, us. We are what is out ‘there’, existing as infinite beings of light, as both everything and nothing, serving as integral components of Source energy, eternally. Personally, I believe this is the core reason as to why humans have had this fascination with not only outer space, but the ethereal, divine realms of matter. There is this profound longing to understand these planes of existence because for us, it is home. Deep down, we possess the knowing that we always have the ability to return to Source, though we may forget it throughout this experience that is humanity. This forgetfulness is often accompanied by an overwhelming longing, a divine discontent, if you will. Truly, this is the Soul yearning to return home to its cosmic family, but the human self has trouble remembering this. The longing feels insatiable and unnameable at times, especially when we have not yet come to remember why it is so prominent. This is why when we do remember our reasoning for coming here, the longing subsides as it is replaced with knowing and eventual fulfillment of our divine purpose.

Because we are innately connected to Spirit, as humans we have the free will to create the illusionary experience of separateness, an imaginary sense of disconnect. We have never been, and will never be, disconnected from Source. We can choose to feel as though we are, but this will never reflect reality because no matter what we do as humans, no matter how shameful or disconnected we have been programmed to feel, there is nothing that could ever separate us from the divine. At our core, this is what we are. Divine.

I say this to illuminate the reason as to why we choose to come into form. Why, if we were once fused with the vastness of the Universe, did we ever choose to separate? Who in their right mind would make that decision? Ah, yes. This Earthly plane can feel quite limiting at times when one is so accustomed to having no sense of limitation or boundary. But in order to bring something divine into creation, we have to come into form one way or another. Can you fathom how hard it was to slip your weightless Soul into such a dense human body? If you did not have an extraordinary purpose in tangible form, you would not be here. This is just truth. You, as the divine creator you are would not have dared to leave the nothingness you once knew as truth unless you had a mission to complete. Ultimately here in tangible form is where we can do the work that will outlast the human we incarnated as. This is the goal. As fragments of Spirit, we do not work. We just are, content in this eternal state of being-ness. So when the Soul chooses to incarnate into the third dimensional realm, it is only because there is a sacred duty to actualize and uphold. If we do not complete our goal our first incarnation, whatever it may be, as we all have different forms of expression to actualize, we will continue to incarnate here until we finalize what we have begun. Some beings have taken a sacred oath to facilitate mass awakening and healing here on Earth, so they willingly choose to stay even after they themselves have awakened. For them, this is their mission. My personal belief is that we are all here to bring Love into form, to descend into the mundane realms to forever infuse it with our divinity.

Above all, I say this so you understand that you would not have chosen to be here if there was not something absolutely necessary for you to do. Even if it feels lonely, empty, and confusing at times, your presence here is needed, it is appreciated, and it is not accidental. You are meant to be here so you can infuse your innate light with every action you take. Personally, I have found myself yearning to return to Source time and time again, before I understood what Source exactly was. I just knew this wasn’t my home, and I wanted so badly to go home. I had many moments on my short time here on Earth wishing death, cursing this life and the pain that came with it. But oh, do I now appreciate the ability to feel this pain. I understand now that it is necessary. Had I not been wounded so deeply, I could not have been able to awaken to the gift of my Love.

So . . . if you struggle adapting to this hologram, if you feel out of body and ungrounded, if you feel as though you do not belong, know that you are not alone. No matter how lonely it may begin to feel, I want you to trust that you are never separate from the Divine. It feels strange here because this is all temporary and underneath the programming and the contracts, you know this to be truth. What is not impermanent however, is your wondrous, everlasting Soul. It is up to you, as its conscious vessel, to honor your purpose as human incarnate while you have the choice to do so. Eventually we will all return to Source as a liquid light body, as both everything and nothing. Let us utilize the time we have as humans to create something wonderful. If you don’t know where to begin, start with your childhood joys. What fills you with bubbly delight? This, in simplicity, is your purpose. Now it is up to you to remember.

Remember, remember, remember.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Why You Came Here

  1. This writing was beautifully well written. I received so much love and life from this. Thank you for offering your knowledge to this platform. It is much appreciated! 😘💫✨


  2. I feel deeply connected to you and your words. Thank you so much for this. As a person suffering from the programming one attains through childhood sexual abuse(I do a lot of releasing & surrendering rituals), I’ve realized that the collective is definitely going on the same journey that I’m currently on. I truly believe COLLECTIVE TRAUMA is what makes us ask “Why are we here?” (as my trauma causes me to question my personal purpose) and I truly believe REMEMBERING IS KEY! Surrendering to remembering my trauma is key in my healing process. Admitting to myself that it happened/FULL ACCEPTANCE is also key in my healing process. & The collective should work the way the individual works. As above, so below. LETS REMEMBER WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO OUR SPECIES THAT FORCED US INTO SURVIVAL MODE! We do not need to be in survival mode anymore, the same way I do not need to be in the survival mode that was triggered during my childhood abuse. I do not need to throw tantrums anymore. We do not need to eat meat anymore, or have blind faith in false gods anymore. THESE THINGS HAVE SERVED THEIR PURPOSE. OUR TRUE GOD IS THE COLLECTIVE OF ALL OF US!!! LOVE YOU IRISA! keep it upppppp girllllllll




  4. Never apologize for dropping heartfelt paragraphs. These will be with us forever. Never apologize for caring. What triggered our collective survival mode? Aside from world wars, centuries of worldwide human trafficking, manipulation in the name of “religion”, technology who was made us frigid, i’d say the new hunt is the scarcity of money. We look at footage of african/asian (anything that isn’t a city, really) and say : “oh look they poor..” but fuck that. we’re poor. packed in buildings. striving for a career. peer-pressure triggered us. why do you go numb? for protection. against what? yourself. what happened…. !!! da fuck maybe it was always like this who knows. internet is so young, if plato had twitter and reddit we’d know. we have to make sure to not delete emo tweets so our grand grand children know we were as miserable as they are. fuck idols. fuck pedestals. and love you 🙂

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