Cosmic Update — November

The Sun has entered Sagittarius, prompting the essence of the Soul, the I Am, the boundless source of consciousness to leave the depths of the underworld that is Scorpionic energy. It now comes bearing profound new insight and revelation pertaining to one’s purpose here, beyond the pain that has been uncovered and transmuted throughout the exploration of the shadow. In Sagittarius, the Sun is renewed with purpose and understanding, filled with a pure, almost insatiable and restless desire to explore the world around oneself, after such an intense and provoking period of time facing the world within oneself. Enough, cries Sagittarius. Enough with the drama, the sadness, the pain. I know there is more to experience beyond the realms of grief. And beloved, there is. But of course, exploring the miraculous world will be far more expansive and illuminating when one already has a clear understanding of oneself, that including their trauma, wounding, and triggers.

Speaking in regards to archetypal energy, Scorpio is innately aware of the fact that pain is a given within the world. So in turn, Scorpio is known to be self protective to a detriment, as a means to attempt to avoid pain that is in truth, inescapable. Throughout this archetype’s process of evolution, it begins to understand and embrace that pain is a part of life, yes, but it does not have to be all there is to life. And so Sagittarius, being the following archetypal stage in the zodiacal evolution, knows this and runs with it, seeking to spread this truth of life beyond pain to all who are willing to listen. Sagittarius, being ruled by Jupiter, understands the importance of finding and attaching meaning to each experience, no matter how painful. As said by Howard Sasportas, ‘Jupiter is our capacity to invent symbols and then find meaning in them’. Sagittarius is able to look beyond its pain, trauma, and wounding, no matter how severe, and in gratitude, witness the bigger picture and purpose of it all. Of course, it is not just Sagittarian or Jovial energy that is able to do this, but rather, this is simply the underlying lesson Sagittarian energy brings to light. With pain comes wisdom and with wisdom comes a lesser need to orchestrate painful experiences going forward.

The essence of Sagittarius can be quite overwhelming and even a bit insensitive to others when in the beginning stages of evolution, and this is because not everyone wants to believe or embrace the fact that pain serves a purpose. Of course, this too is their right and free will, and it is not for us or anyone to impose upon it. Personally, I have strong Jovial energy in my chart and so I have absolutely no problem embodying this truth, as I honor it as my own. To be quite honest, I would still be holding onto a painful and burdensome weight based in trauma and wounding had I not searched for the underlying lesson, purpose, and reason within each experience. That being said, Sagittarius is known to be the teacher, the great philosopher, the preacher, the zealot, it merely depends on the who that is embodying the what. A great teacher will always encourage their students to search for truth, reason, or falsehood in any matter, and this is the underlying message of this Sagittarius season.

You have emerged from the darkness that is the Self, faced your innermost fears and wounds, and now, it is time to share your story of survival with the world around you. Yes, it may be terrifying initially, but trust that it is all for something bigger, something more powerful than the individual Self. You will be an inspiration for all to speak their truth, serving as an illuminating, empowering force of encouragement for those still struggling to embrace the purpose in their pain. Speaking of, let us move onto our next cosmic point of focus, that being Jupiter into Scorpio. 

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for a little under two months now, and we have already begun to see the effects here on Earth, so below. Jupiter is a planet of abundant truth, an expansive and magnifying energy that seeks to illuminate the bounty of what is. Jupiter is the gateway to the outer and transpersonal planets, those being Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, all who symbolize and represent the superconscious, Higher, or Universal Self, reflecting the All That Is. While the inner, personal planets represent the individual, ego based self, the outer planets are symbolic of the collective conscious and unconscious, that which directly relates to the shifts in consciousness that extend throughout generations. We first work with and embody the highest expression of our individual needs, so that we may better serve the collective good.

Jupiter however, acts as the force of expansion that inspires us to go beyond personal perspective so that we may see the world (and all who reside within it) in a clearer, less biased light. After taking the time to delve inwards to understand oneself, (represented by the embodiment of the inner planets) we access Jupiter so that we may spread this knowledge outwardly, breaking the barriers, boundaries, and limitations we had once lived so comfortably within, creating infinite opportunities to connect with and learn from others within our communities.

In Scorpio, Jupiter challenges us to unearth any and all deeply buried, repressed, or suppressed psychological pain so that we are able to embody our most authentic and empowering truth. This transit encourages us to break free from the illusion that we do not within us carry the innate power to transform pain into wisdom and joyous gratitude, trauma into a powerful story of survival and resilience. Because Scorpio is a fixed water sign, it struggles to release what it considers to be of emotional importance, including the illusion of control. What Scorpio discovers throughout its period of evolution is that the more one resists needed change, the more painful the process becomes altogether. Change becomes far less painful when we accept it as a natural shift of the seasons. Without it there would be little opportunity for growth, renewal, or expansion. We learn our lessons, that which always include a component of change, through pain when we attempt to resist them. So what happens when we choose to allow them, in gratitude and joy? We access a state of grace that transcends drawn out periods of suffering. Instead we learn through enchanted play and amazement. Pain dissolves.

What we are being encouraged to embrace over this time is the concept of non-physical life and death, demonstrated through the shifting and closing out of old timelines of existence. We are in the midst of period of so called ‘time’ in which we are shedding all that has served its purpose. It is rapid, accelerated, profoundly felt change, that which many may consider it to feel similar to death itself. But here, we are reminded that without death, life could not emerge. We can look to nature as a clear expression of this. Does the rose bush weep at the idea of being inactive for most of the year? No, beloved. She blooms when she is called and enjoys every moment of it. Death happens again and again, most often without warning or verbal promise of rebirth. And yet rebirth is inevitable. It is never not an option. The idea that death is the end of all things is a concept rooted in third dimensional fear of the unknown. Death holds many opportunities, as long as you are willing to trust what you may not yet be able to see or fully ‘understand’ with the logical, proof based mind. Perhaps if western culture observed death and understood it to be a part of the natural cycle, we would no longer fear its becoming. Instead of succumbing to fear based in the notion that nothing follows the process of death, we would celebrate what’s to come–that being total and utter renewal. Death is but a change of worlds. Now, we are being asked to surrender to what is unfolding, as it will continue to do so with or without our permission. And yet, when we choose to surrender, we are able to access the greatest kind of ‘control’ there is. Perhaps, the only kind there is.

Though we have left the shadows of the solar Scorpio season, we will be feeling the same intensity it illuminated throughout the next twelve months, until Jupiter returns home to the constellation of Sagittarius. Throughout the solar Scorpio season, we explored themes such as:

 — Embracing change as an integral component of evolution

— Honoring boundaries without implementing self ‘protective’ walls

— Choosing vulnerability as a way to reclaim true internal power

— Surrender

Though the solar season is over, we will be expanding upon (a Jovial act) these same themes throughout the rest of this year and most of 2018. There is plenty of time left to explore the shadow, so don’t you worry. All is coming together exactly as it should be.

In another expression, Jupiter in Scorpio is illuminating the ways in which many have abused their status and power to control and manipulate others, that being an un-evolved expression of Scorpionic energy. Survivors of abuse are taking their power back by being vulnerable and sharing their experiences with others in pure emotional honesty, transparency, and raw visibility, no matter how painful. This is an example of highly evolved Scorpionic energy. We as a collective unit are being asked to embrace vulnerability as a strength, rather than a weakness. No, beloved. Your ability to be emotionally honest and fluid is a true strength. We have just been taught otherwise. Remember that each moment in time you choose to be emotionally transparent with yourself, you inspire those around you to do the same. Thank you for your service.

Speaking of Jupiter, the great benefic is in the process of applying a trine to Neptune in Pisces, that which has just stationed direct after about five months of traveling in retrograde motion. The Neptune retrograde served as an opportunity to revise our dreams, specifically those that were created out of obligation, rather than desire. Now, we can move forward with a dream that has been birthed from true purpose. Neptune is a planet associated with many things, one of which being guilt, obligation, and self sacrifice, as it is a transpersonal planet associated with the collective. Those with heavy Neptunian energy feel very obligated to serving the collective, and yet time and time again they will come to find out that the only way to do so is by honoring the individual Self. Of course, this is another concept those with heavy Neptune struggle with; the individual Self. As Neptune is associated with all things subconscious, dreams being a primary expression, many have been exploring the astral realm throughout this time, learning more about the history of their traveling Soul. Though this can be spoken about in relation to literal ‘dreams’, let us focus more so on our personal dreams, those regarding the ideas, goals, and visions we create for ourselves.

It is likely that had you been attempting to string along a ‘dream’ that was not truly yours to begin with, you had experienced some kind of revelation as to just why it can no longer work for you to do so. Because Neptune dissolves all that it comes into contact with, we can apply this to the matter of our goals for ‘the future’. As all retrogrades serve as an opportunity to revise, reorganize, and rethink, over the last five months we have found ourselves revising our dreams, dissolving those that simply no longer serve us going forward. If throughout this period of time you had found certain aspects of your life or identity coming to an end and are not yet sure as to why, trust that it is all being done for your greatest and highest purpose and good. We must go through a process of dissolution or solutio, in alchemical terms, before we can begin to truly create a solid and sustainable foundation for ourselves. So let the old be washed away. Allow it to drown and dissolve until all is new and fresh again. Remember that where there is water, there is life. Dare to dive in and explore.

Circling back to Jupiter trine Neptune, that which will perfect on December 2nd, we are being asked to dream a grand, wondrous and utterly magical dream. Do not worry so much as to how it will come to life. Rather, focus on embodying the dream itself and so it shall be alive, through the pure magic that is You. It is time to be honest with yourself about the nature of ‘your’ dreams. Are they truly yours, or have they been force fed to you through a realistic spoon of disappointment. I know for myself personally, I denied myself a variety of dreams I knew to be in perfect alignment with my purpose here at a very young age, simply because my family rejected them and instead, offered more ‘realistic’ and ‘secure’ opportunities. In turn, I spent the next sixteen years in denial of myself. It was only until I addressed my upbringing and the internalization of my family’s projections did I begin to remember what truly felt right to me, what fulfilled me, why I chose to come here and exactly what I was going to do with my existence. And that was to be in service. When I was not honoring my purpose for those sixteen or so years, I was, in simple terms, miserable. I found myself constantly creating situations for myself in which I could reaffirm my unfulfilled state of feeling. So the cycle continued on until I finally chose to take a step back from the identity I had attached myself to and discern whether or not it supported the life I was trying to create. And in that moment, I was free.

Now, we are being asked to do the same as a collective unit. If you find that life as a whole has felt to be rather disappointing, take a step outside of your attachment to this disappointment, to viewing it as concrete truth or the ultimate reality. Guess what? It’s not. There is so much more to experience than disappointment. And it all begins when you decide to embrace that as fact and take back the power you never truly lost, only forgot about. No longer shall you be discouraged and limited by the constructs of an illusionary system that tells you to be ‘realistic’ about your dreams and aspirations. It’s time to expand your perspective and think bigger than ever before. When that small, yet ridiculously loud and discouraging voice begins to encircle your thoughts again, treat it as an old friend that has served its place within your life. You need not attach it to your sense of self. Simply acknowledge it, be present with it for a moment, and bid it farewell, as it no longer holds purpose within the life you are in the midst of birthing. Your potential is limitless. Do not reject the idea that you must choose a fulfilling and joyous life between a secure and sustainable one. You can have it all.

Are you ready?

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces is going to feel absolutely magical. In fact, you probably can already feel it being conjured. It is regenerative, bountiful magic that inspires us to not only dream bigger, but to believe in ourselves more deeply. With this being said, this is a reminder to be listening to your feelings, above all else. What are they showing you? Where are you being led? Know that it is safe to trust your Heart as an all knowing compass. It can not fail you, unless you choose to give in to the programmed doubts of the mind. Tune into your Heart and allow it to lead you home, back to yourself.

This aspect in transit asks us, how can we better nurture our dreams so that we can devote ourselves to pure service? How can we serve ourselves so that we may eventually hold space to serve the collective? And what limiting beliefs need to be shed and dissolved so that we are able to do so? Though you may not receive an answer immediately, do not let this discourage you from posing the question. Simply open yourself to receive and trust that you will in divine timing. The answers or confirmations may very well likely come through dreams or other synchronistic symbols. Keep your Heart open to all possibilities. Remember that this is all for you.

It is time to trust in your boundlessness. Do not wait for ‘them’ to give you permission.

You are ready to embody the pure, wondrous magic that is You.


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