Cosmic Update — December

December is a whirlwind of surrender, exploration, accelerated change, and fluid, yet crystallized revelation. We are leaving a year of reconstruction that is 2017, that which is both exciting and somewhat bittersweet, at least for myself personally. This was truly a fantastic year with tremendous opportunity for permanent rebirth. Rather than repeating the process of death again and again, we are at the point within our cosmic timeline in which we do not have to keep dying in order to be renewed, we do not have to suffer in order to grow and learn, though of course, as we operate within the law of free will, we can choose to continue to do so until we are ready. There is no rush. Just know, you are free to leave the realms in which you suffer whenever you choose. It is all waiting for you, beyond the narrative that keeps you feeling as though there is nothing out ‘there’ but pain. When you are ready, know that you can let it all go. Allow yourself to be emptied, and though it may feel scary initially, trust that the emptiness is simply clearing space for something far more fulfilling and joyous. Why? Because you deserve just that. You deserve to know life beyond suffering. It is an option and it is accessible to All, as soon as they choose to claim it as their own. So claim what has always been yours. Set yourself free, as in truth, you have always been and forever will be. Freedom is yours. It is time to remember.

We started this month off on the first with Venus entering Sagittarius until December 25th. After a period of purification, we now emerge from the underworld filled with revitalized purpose and profound revelation. While Venus transited Scorpio, we became reacquainted with pain that in the past, had been associated with vulnerability and a fear of loss or betrayal. During this time, walls were broken down, Hearts opened up. The collective learned that fearing loss will not necessarily cease its existence, and more so, we rediscovered that what we may have felt to have ‘lost’, is in truth, always with us, in Spirit and in memory. We learned that intimacy and ‘protection’ based in fear can not co-exist, and so many of us chose to finally let the walls come down so that we could experience the connection we have been so deeply yearning, whether it be with a lover, a friend, or with ourselves. Vulnerability was redefined as an act of courage, rather than a ‘weakness’. And so here we are, renewed.

Now as Venus transits Sagittarius, we are remembering that there is more to connection, relationship, and Love, than pain. There is more than wounding to be felt and explored, and this is just what we are being asked to do. If you are still holding onto the notion that Love must entail ‘loss’, that it must entail heartbreak and sadness and the ripping away of joy, you are being asked to gently confront these belief systems. Though this is what you may have experienced to be truth in the past, do you really want to continue on with this experience? Aren’t you ready for a new one? Does this belief that Love equates to suffering truly serve you? Does it support the life you are trying to create? If not, know that you are safe to let it go, right along with all the habits of self-undoing that affirm this, such as saviorhood, martyrdom, and sacrifice. Of course, there is so much more, but you know which relate to you in this moment. Know that you no longer have to hold onto the complex’s that deny your freedom, your ability to know joy and liberation. You are free, now and forever. It is time to explore yourself and others beyond the pain, beyond the fear. Rejoice in your freedom. Venus in Sagittarius says, there are no limits to where Love can take you. Let it lead the way and trust that you will arrive exactly where you are supposed to be, even if it’s somewhere you had not expected to be. Even better. Happy traveling.

As I write this on the third, we find ourselves welcoming in (I would hope, rather than attempting to resist) a Gemini Supermoon, with its ruler Mercury stationing retrograde. Throughout the rest of this month and year, we are being asked to reflect on the subconscious scripts and narratives we reiterate to ourselves on a daily basis. You know, things like ‘I am unworthy’, ‘I am a failure’, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘Someone else can do this better’, ‘How I feel doesn’t matter’, ‘The Universe is against me’, ‘I have no power’, and the likes. Let us take a moment to really feel these belief systems out, rather than just to think them. If you feel yourself repeating any of the ones I mentioned, or have some of your own in mind, take a moment to say them out loud. Does it feel liberating? Expansive? Freeing? Do these beliefs inspire you? If you start to feel a heaviness in your womb, chest, or throat, it is likely that no, these things don’t actually feel good, regardless of how many times you say them. Why? Because they are not reflective of truth in the slightest. You are worthy. You are succeeding. You can do this. Someone else excelling in something does not mean you can’t do the same yourself. Your feelings always matter, and they’re trying to tell you something. The Universe loves you, God loves you, the All that Is will always love you, and you do have absolute and total power, simply by recognizing the fact that your external reality begins within you. Now, take a moment to say the italicized phrases out loud. Can you feel a difference in vibration, in feeling? Which feels better to say, to think, to believe? Of course, deprogramming limiting belief systems is certainly no easy task, but I want it to be known now that you can absolutely do this. The mind is malleable and runs on programs. Though many of them do not serve us, we always have the power to recognize their workings, delete those that limit us, and create new ones.

Reflect on this for a moment now, from a place of observance, rather than personal identification with the belief systems and sayings mentioned above. Do these complexes support the life you are creating, or do they keep you feeling trapped within the experience of a helpless and hopeless situation? Does your inner dialogue affirm the life you envision for yourself? Is your internal voice one of fear, criticism, and self deprecation, or is it one of gentle encouragement, compassion, and liberation? Which can you with certainty say serves your highest purpose and good? Though this will take daily effort and willingness, the sooner you begin, the easier it will become with ‘time’. Get into the habit of asking yourself, does this support the life I am trying to create. You contain far more power than the complexes you have internalized. Trust this. Know this.

As this Full Moon is forming an exact t-square to Neptune in Pisces, heightened anxiety, restlessness, discontent and paranoia may be prominent for many during this time. As this t-square is between the Sun in Sagittarius, the Moon in Gemini, and Neptune in Pisces, the point of release is Virgo. A t-square implies heightened stress, emphasizing a greater need to find a healthy outlet for this tension. So by channeling Virgonian energy, that which is discerning, objective, observant, adaptable, and a bit cautious, we can fluidly move through the stress, into stable, solid, and intentional ground.

Neptune can be very difficult energy to work with, especially for those who rely on logic, reasoning, and ‘earthly’ things of the likes. Neptunian energy is transcendent and can be incredibly ungrounding and destabilizing for some. When accessed beneficially, it can serve as a profound energy of pure re-awakening to the magic and divinity that is You. During this time, psychic matter is potent and easily accessible, but as is fear, paranoia, and lack of discernment. If you struggle between differentiating paranoia from intuition, understand that paranoia nags at you, while intuition whispers. Limiting thought processes such as anxiety and paranoia are heavy in nature, and they will encircle the mind until acknowledged and gently transmuted. Intuition, on the other hand, cares not to raise its voice and clarify itself. Why? Because Truth needs no explanation. Truth is, with or without your acknowledgment. The same goes for intuition. Before we begin to fully trust and develop a strong relationship with our intuition, it will often come in the form of subtle symbols, synchronicities, clues, hints, and messages. It is rare that it will speak directly to you initially, especially if you have spent most of your life attempting to resist it. However, when you do begin to develop a bond based on trust, your intuitive knowing will become clearer, more audible, and less necessary to decode as often. Trust what comes in through subtleties. All else that feels heavy, anxious, and fearful, should be lovingly observed without judgement or shame. Let yourself feel it and recognize it for what it is so that it may be cleared from your subconscious entirely.

This Gemini Full Moon also reminds us that not everything is exactly as it seems, and it is essential at this time to keep an open mind and Heart to fluctuating truths, even if they seem to contradict one another. In the current timeline we are creating and experiencing, the concept of duality does not exist. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, at least not in the definitions we have created for them. There is only integrated Truth. For this to fully be activated, we must release the need to crucify one aspect of life, as in truth, it only exists because of the other we deem so necessary and wonderful. The Universe does not provide positive or negative energy. Rather, it is flowing and dynamic, neutral until activated and expressed through human terms. Now, we are in the midst of collapsing the timelines that pit certain experiences of matter against one another and instead, embracing and integrating the All That Is. Away from the idea of contradiction, and into the knowing and exploration of what it is to live within a paradoxical universe, in which a truth always exists some place, somewhere, even if it’s not ‘here’. Muahaha.

Gemini is the archetypal essence of apparent ‘polarity’ coming together as one, the trickster who challenges those around them to explore just how fluid and malleable ‘truth’ really is. This will be a prominent theme for the rest of the year and it is key for us to look for gaps within information that is presented to us at this time, as not all that is presented as truth, is in fact, Truth. Tune into the feeling and allow that to lead you home. Just as we discussed above, though for quite some time you may have been in the belief of the idea that you are unworthy, does not make it ultimate truth. Not even a halfway truth, haha. Allow the feeling to guide you and you will never be lost. Your heart always knows the way, even when the mind struggles. Surrender to the shifts and trust that your Heart will take you exactly where you need to be.

On a last note in regards to this Gemini Full Moon, we are being asked to embrace fluidity, adaptability, and malleability. Change is coming and to resist it, would be to resist our own evolution. And now why would we want to do that. As this is an auspicious time to re-write the subconscious scripts of the mind, let us focus in on our definition of ‘change’. So long as we fear it, we will continue to be consumed, rather than inspired by it. Rather than regarding it as something that entails pain and loss, train yourself to know it as something that brings profound and exciting opportunity to further step into yourself without limitations or boundaries. Change is a servant to you, not an enemy. Though it may not have always felt like it, just look at you now. Feel in you now. If you do not resonate and feel as though you are unhappy with where you are ‘at’ currently, reflect on your relationship with change. Are you still resisting it, hoping that if you do so for long enough, it will cease to exist? Beloved, you are safe to let go of what has shown you time and time again to no longer be of service. You are safe to release what is known to you, so that you may be in pure amazement as to what is truly for you, right here in this moment. Because as you may know, what may be known to you, is not always supporting or serving you. You do not need to continue to hold onto what has been hurting you. Honor its purpose within your life and give yourself permission to say goodbye, once and for all. You are done suffering. Freedom is yours, whenever you are ready to claim it. No rush, beloved.

Lastly, a bit about Mercury retrograde. As over the last year this has come to be the most publicly ‘known’ astrological occurrence, I’m sure the majority of you know what it entails. Mercury is a very interesting subject matter and planetary essence. It is associated with transit, intellect, mental and verbal activity, rationalization, thought processes and the style in which these thought processes are verbalized/how we intake and express information (a.k.a internal and external communication). It is the logical, rational ‘left’ brain. Because Mercury is the fastest moving planet, it has come to be associated with a restlessness of sorts, specifically within the realms of the mind. Heavily influenced Mercurial beings are often searching for new information to intake and absorb, endlessly seeking stimuli to focus their energy into, even if for just a moment’s time. As it moves quite quickly, it is also associated with quick, accelerated changes within the framework of the mind, shifts in thought processes, as well as new understandings and perceptions. So when Mercury stations retrograde motion, it is a time to revise and rewrite the scripts of our own subconscious mind, as the focus is shifted from matter of logic, to matter of psychic material, the intuitive, feeling based mind. During any retrograde, it is a time of contemplation, reflection, and internal growth. When a planetary body leaves retrograde and stations direct, it opens up new opportunities for external growth, had we been exploring ourselves throughout the retrograde cycle.

Mercury is now retrograde until December 22nd. Be mindful of possible frustration involving travel, communication, and technology. Use this time to go within and reflect on your visions for the future (Mercury is occupying future oriented, big picture thinking Sagittarius, after all). Are your subconscious, internal scripts serving you? If not, time for a rewrite. Be mindful of old thought forms, belief systems, mental habits, and difficult topics of conversation resurfacing. Observe your thoughts and behaviors without judgement. It is all coming up to be cleared entirely. If you find yourself perpetuating old behavioral patterns, rather than casting judgement, simply ask yourself whether or not they support the life you are trying to create. If not, make the conscious effort to replace them with empowering habits. Be patient with your process. ‘Time’ is on your side. Additionally, each retrograde reminds us that the ‘past’ will resurface again and again until we choose to honor its purpose and clear it from our subconscious mind entirely. Time is not linear in the way it is perceived. No matter how many years beyond our trauma we believe we are, if we have not taken the ‘time’ to acknowledge, love, and transmute it, it will not matter how long ago it happened. We will still be right there, in that situation, until we do. So let’s explore what is lingering. It may very well be the thing that liberates us.

Aside from the typical Mercury retrograde forewarnings, this is a highly beneficial time for dreamwork, automatic writing, tarot, creative visualization, artistic expression, meditation, and the likes. One of my favorite practices for automatic writing is to give myself a time limit. I will set a timer, and go in with the intention of writing a minimum of however many pages. For example, two pages in fifteen minutes. Even if I have no plans on what to write about, I will always come out of the exercise surprised at what has come up. You may be too.

To close this out, please, if nothing else, be gentle with yourself. There is no rush.

Only you, patiently waiting for You.


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Update — December

  1. Hi. I stumbled across you on Twitter. Thank you for your words and spirit. Everything you have said captures where I am right now im my life. Thank you.


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