Saturn into Capricorn

So, I started writing this mid December. Everything was flowing through me until very abruptly I was hit with a wave of I-need-to-rest-and-process. I feel I have been channeling and working with so much especially this last year and it was so deeply necessary for me to really soak in the calm of relaxation for a bit. Flow just can not be forced and that’s what Saturn is currently teaching me more than ever. Speaking of…

Saturn has returned home to its domicile of Capricorn until December 17th of 2020. We will get a taste of Saturn in Aquarius from March until June of 2020, but then on July 1st, Saturn, who will be moving in retrograde motion, will slip back into Capricorn until late December to wrap up this cycle of self-mastery, presenting us with a final round of, ‘did you learn this yet?’. While Saturn transited Sagittarius over the last three years, we have been hard at work (knowingly or unknowingly) dismantling philosophies, belief systems, and ideologies that limited us from fully exploring, establishing, and defining our individual Truth, one that is not a product of centuries of programming. Perspectives that once kept us entrapped in a false narrative have been deconstructed, creating space to build a personal philosophy on a stable foundation, one that will not buckle and break and collapse under pressure. Over the last three years, our belief systems and perspective of the world and ourselves have been greatly challenged, inspiring us to look a bit deeper at what we have been told to believe in and why. In doing so, we have not only discovered ‘new’ belief systems that more truthfully resonated with us, but likely created our own throughout the process as well. Ah, yes. The vision has been challenged and deconstructed so that a new one could emerge from the rubble. This time, it is one of our own creation, that which has come from direct experience, rather than mindless, dogmatic regurgitation.

This is a key lesson of Saturn: what is inauthentic, disingenuous, and unreliable can not last. Now, this is not punishment, but rather, a firm, yet loving push of encouragement to build something worthwhile and long-lasting, something that can be of true benefit for ourselves and all those who come afterwards. As Saturn is the stabilizer, the materializer, the builder, the first part of this cycle will largely be devoted to the deconstruction of what is not of true service to all because ultimately, we can not begin to build something new on an unreliable foundation. We must first deconstruct what is no longer working so that when it is time to build something new, it will be able to support whatever is ‘thrown’ at it with pure eloquence and grace.

As Saturn transits Capricorn we as a collective are encouraged to embrace patience, diligence, persistency, and integrity as core values. What has not been built on a stable foundation will be greatly tested as a push to dismantle it altogether and construct something truly everlasting. While this may be frightening initially, as we are taught to cling to what seems to ‘work’, in time we will find that learning to surrender to what is only transpiring in alignment with our highest interest and most empowering purpose is the best thing we can do. Even if what we were doing before felt ‘secure’, even if it felt like it was the ‘right’ thing to do, more so than ever we are truly being asked to trust in what ‘collapses’ during this time. It is only clearing space for an even truer joy to materialize.

Saturn is the wise mentor who firmly, but lovingly reminds us not to be hasty with our process so that we do not overlook any important details, as this is the most common of ways for buildings and other structures to collapse. The ‘Devil’ (Capricorn) is in the details, so be mindful of not rushing into anything until the foundation is truly solid and unshakable.

With this three-year long transit, the workload is increasing, but so is our collective drive to attend to and master it all. When we honor the (inner) work and truly give it our all, regardless of who is paying attention or not, long-term ‘success’ is inevitable. The rewards will not come overnight, and yet this makes it all the more satisfying when they do. The fruit grows sweeter with time. Until then, what work is worth devoting yourself to, without a promise of reward? If you find yourself restless, bored, and beginning to disassociate from certain commitments, this is likely a sign that you have been ‘investing’ your energy and focus into something that is not truly a reflection of your highest purpose here. You can gauge whether or not something honors your time and energy by how much you enjoy the process of ‘getting there’. If you don’t find excitement and purpose in the process, the ‘rewards’ will fade out much quicker and will be far less fulfilling than had you been honoring your purpose.

Are you working for the dream, or for survival? If the latter, what are the first steps you can take to begin investing in yourself and the dream? Are you working because the rewards are gratifying, or because the work itself is the reward? Questions from Saturn in Capricorn. Now, because Saturn, especially while in Capricorn, is all about taking precisely calculated baby steps that eventually amount to something solid, this isn’t necessarily a message to up and leave everything all at once. But, you are undoubtedly ready to begin taking yourself and your passions seriously. Start studying. One can not become the master without truly taking their time as a devoted student. Whatever it is that you find excitement in, it’s time to remember just how good you are at it. Buy that book, take that class, and start practicing. This is how you plant the seed that sprouts the vision. Even if it seems like there is no one there to validate, applaud, or support the work you are doing, if it feels right, keep going. You know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and how it is you are going to do it. The only thing left for you to do is start. If you are feeling overwhelmed, simply start where you are and take it one step at a time from there. All else will come together as you begin to truly embody the vision, the ‘why’, even if you don’t quite know the how. Oh, and remember to give yourself time to relax. It will be necessary. Seriously. Pencil out time to really do nothing. You deserve it already. You always have.

On another note, Saturn in Capricorn is a cry to stop giving away our personal power to people who claim to be of a higher authority. Redefine what authority means to you and claim it as your own. Your sovereignty is yours and can never be taken from you again. We are done waiting for someone else to get it right, to pave the pathway, to light the fire that inspires the change. It all starts with us, with You. The idea that without a ‘higher authority’ governing us, humanity is sure to collapse, is false and is being cleared from the collective this year. This is why there has been so much apparent chaos. It is time to lead ourselves as the sovereign beings we are. I suspect that during this time and for the next few years (especially when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn in 2020, eeeeeek) we will be witnessing a collapse of institutions and systems like we have never seen or felt before and it will be absolutely glorious. It’s really time to come back to true community. We need not be ‘led’ by anyone but ourselves because we can simply no longer be led by anyone but ourselves. 

Where Saturn is currently transiting in your chart is asking you where it is you are ready to be self accountable, a master, a leader, where it is you are ready to build something truly tangible and sustainable for yourself… something that can and will ultimately outlast you. You are ready and it is time. One step at a time.

lot has been happening, cosmically and on Earth, as it is always always always occurring simultaneously and never as separate realms. Because what in the universe is seperate? Though I have been active in keeping us updated via the twitter-sphere, I so do enjoy expanding on these topics when called, and I am feeling more called now than ever. I will be publishing another cosmic update later this week, but felt it was important to finalize and release this one separately, as Saturn is often a lot to break down, ha ha ha. As always, all my love and thanks to you for tuning in and being You. It is always an honor and pleasure. Talk to you sooner than you think… xx




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