Aries New Moon — Free Falling

Wherever you are right in this moment, this is your starting point.

This is your greatest and most memorable beginning.

Yes, much is ending in this very moment. This too is a potent truth. But when has it happened any other way? How much more thrilling and magnificent and true a beginning is when it follows an ending just as thrilling and magnificent and true. The two envelop eachother and while they may appear to be separate entities, this is never truly the reality. How could it be? Ask yourself now, what is an ending, but another beautiful and fiery beginning.

Even if it feels as though there is only destruction and chaos and sadness encircling you now, do not let this convince you that you are doing something ‘wrong’, or being punished, or that you are ‘undeserving’ of a beginning. Whether or not you invite it in, whether or not you believe you deserve to desire something fresh and new, it is all happening right now, just for you. This is all for you and it is not about ‘deservance’. This is not about ‘proving’ yourself or ‘doing’ a thing at all. The fact that your unique and courageous essence has chosen to come into form, to exist, means that you are worthy. It means that you are capable of allowing a new beginning in, simply by choosing to see that it is already presently available to you now, in every perfect form it is meant to unfold as.

That being said, like everything else, if you do desire this beginning, if you have been yearning and weeping and begging for what has felt like lifetimes, it will be all the more delicious if you approach this beginning with intent. With a new story, one that supports and truly reflects the truth that is the tremendous magnificence that is YOU. Not the story you have been ‘given’. Not any fucking story that makes you feel any less than what you truly are: Godly. Lionhearted. Tenacious.

Ready to accept the ancient ever expanding power that has always been You.

Yes, you know a story reflects Truth when you feel it opening opening opening You.

You know, the kind of Truth that speaks only to your innate freedom and sovereignty.

The kind of Truth that could never bear to tell you a story where you are not the Hero, where you are not already victorious simply for honoring the call that invited you here to embody the Greatness You Already Are, the call that is asking you now, to Remember, not only for yourself, but as an ode to all fragments of Yourself that are experiencing the sweet unfoldment that is this remembrance.

So… will you? Will you choose to drop the story that denies this Truth? Or will you still choose to wait in longing for another opportunity, another gateway, another ‘reason’ that comes with more solid ‘proof’? Either way, both choices, whatever they may be, are equally as perfect. Just know, if you are lying in wait of a miracle, a sign from the Heavens, simply look in the mirror. Your presence is proof enough.

Yes beloved, now in this moment, you are awakening to this Truth. You are remembering Who You Are and in turn, you are remembering that you have the power to choose differently, to choose higher for yourself, whenever you choose to do so. For many, this may feel like ‘too much’ responsibility, ‘too much’ freedom, and so they shy away. They turn to others instead to be filled with their own projected stories and truths, in fear of being ‘given’ enough power to choose something for themselves. Why is this? Is it a fear of choosing ‘wrong’? Or is it something greater, something almost unspeakable? Is it a fear of finally acknowledging Who You Are, of Who You Have Always Been? Is it knowing that in doing so, there will no longer be a choice to retreat back into the old story, one that says you are not filled with god-given power and clarity? What is it truly, that you fear? Is it You?

Beloved, you have been killed. You have been tortured. You have died in every way you could and still, You remain. ‘They’ can’t touch you. ‘They’ cannot come close. ‘Their’ facade of power has vanished and all that is left, sweet one, is You. All that can ever live on, is You. So truly, what is there left to fear but Yourself? What else could there possibly be and why must you continue to search in every direction but where you already stand?

Whatever has happened, it is done.

What happens now, is up to You.

So come now and stand in Your Power. Come now and graciously accept your autonomy, now and forever. There is nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. The distractions have been burned to the ground and despite what your mind may be saying now, You would not have it any other way. You have swum in the darkness, both the collective and your own, for some ‘time’ now and because of this, the opportunities are endless. Right now in this moment they await your conscious permission and believe me when I say, they are growing impatient and restless, as they mirror the great and holy fire that is your Heart and Soul. They will not wait much longer. So even if you are fearful and do not yet feel ready to accept the truth in Who You Are and the great and ever unfolding power that lies there, in You, still they will come. With or without your permission, it is all happening right in this moment.

So why not say yes? Why not use this immeasurable power of Yours to direct this energy where you can consciously and intently work with it?

Direct, not control. Direct, not force. Direct, not restrain.

If you have been ALIVE during these last few months, my god have you learned a lesson in control and the uninterrupted lessons of mastery that come when trying to force ‘it’. There is a profound heaviness encircling the collective right now, a heaviness that seems to be coated in uncertainty and fear for the apparent lack of what is to come, a distrust in the possibility of a beginning and even more so, the greatest and most surreal grieving of the loss of what once appeared to be control. Though it may not feel like it, this in itself is the most generous gift we have been given, as it allows us to peer into the divine Truth that has always been and will always be. The thing about control is, the moment one attempts to ‘exert’ it, is when it ceases to exist altogether. That is another fascinating paradox of this world; we are the ones in ‘control’, yes, but not the ‘self’ many tend to confuse their true and eternal essence with. It is You that has always been in control, not your ‘identity’. Not who you have been told to be, not who you think you are supposed to be, but the You, who is forever unchanging and unendingly, so sweetly free. So when we relax into what is, when we choose to trust in what is unfolding whether or not we understand why it is so, though we may not necessarily know it we are finally allowing ourselves to step into a true power  and calm, tranquil ‘control’ that can only ever be actualized through complete and total Surrender.

It is not control you are ‘losing’, but the illusory perception of control you have long been clinging to. This illusive idea of control, is what has been perpetuating your suffering. It is what has for so long now kept you from acknowledging the true power you have always had, the true power you have always been and shall forever Be. This apparent ‘loss’ of control may feel like a shock to your system. It may feel like the world has fallen apart and all has been taken from you. Let it be affirmed now that this is not what is true. This is not what is real. This is all happening now so that you no longer have to suffer. You no longer have to cling to what was created to deceive you, to trick you into believing you are somehow disempowered or not free to create a life that truly reflects your divine nature.

Yes beloved, you are free to realize that you have always had the freedom to exist outside of this suffering. Yes, you will feel pain. Know that avoidance of pain, has never been the goal. That in itself is just another distraction. It is the denial of pain in itself that creates suffering. So give yourself permission tonight to accept it all. Whether you be feeling worn down and exhausted, joyous and curious, fearful and anxious, ecstatic and buoyant, somber and heavyhearted, vengeful and furious… welcome it in and thank it for its service. There is nothing left to run from, sweet child. All is your companion on the road to remembrance and all is here to serve you. On this Aries New Moon, we are being asked not to ‘clear’ our sacred emotions, not to ‘heal’ or ‘transmute’ them, but to feel them to their highest degree and to use them to fuel the holy fire that is our mission here on Earth.

Allow yourself to really feel into this for a moment. What has been the focus of your Heart for the last few weeks? What have you been so preciously feeling? This, sweet one, is what you are being asked to integrate and utilize as an instrument going forwards. It is not something to be forgotten about or beaten down with positivity, but something to be used. If you have really gone deep into yourself throughout this time, if you have surrendered in curiosity to the penetration of the uncomfortability and uncertainty that has emerged throughout this time, you know exactly what you will be working with going forward. You may not know exactly where you are going, but that need not be of any concern. As long as you settle into the Why, you will always be leading yourself exactly where you need to be.

So fear not the space that exists between what once was, and what is in the midst of being created. In this space is a divine nothingness that breeds any and all aspects of creation imaginable. So beloved, allow yourself to imagine. Fear not the emptiness that is felt in the initial stages of impregnation. All the while you worry about ‘not becoming’, it has all already begun. Here in this emptiness lies infinite opportunity, simply awaiting your open exploration. Life will always take form here in the darkness, so beloved, trust what you cannot yet physically see. Trust, sweet one, in what you can now so remarkably feel. 

If you know exactly what to do, marvelous. If you are still feeling anxious and unsure, sweet angel, I am speaking now to you. All you are being asked to do, is trust that it is all being taken care of. Can you choose to be courageous enough today, to simply allow it to be so? Can you be brave enough today, to simply let it happen?

The ‘middle’, the ‘in-between’, the space of transition, it is You. Free from distraction.

You, in all of your glory and courage.

That in-between space you fear so severely, that space where you are no longer clinging to what was, and still have not yet been fully introduced to what is in the process of becoming, lean into it. That emptiness you fear, it is You. It is the only space where all is possible and all is free. Go to it now. In this space is where you Remember, in this space is where You unfold. Fear it if you must, but give yourself permission to surrender to it still. It is your key into the All That Is. It is your ticket home.


You don’t have to understand what it all ‘means’, to Know.

How do you come to Know? You feel into it. You stop thinking so hard about it and instead, accept that you have always Known. That simply, it is impossible for You, not to Know. So trust not having a guideline or blueprint in front of you, in your hands. You don’t need it when it literally exists inside of You, in your Heart. Can you feel how compelling all of this is? Can you feel the true power and potency, the endless desire of the cosmos pulsating through your blood, awakening your bones? Yes, beloved. It is safe to stop pretending you don’t. It is safe to stop pretending you are incapable, that someone else is here to do it for you. You, beloved, are here to do what no one else has volunteered to do. So it is time you honor that and come out of hiding, once and for all.

On the evening of this powerful Aries New Moon, our attention is being narrowed down and focused so that we may be all the clearer on who we are and what it is we came here to do. Over the last few weeks, throughout the last few months, the obstacles have not simply been lifted, but they have been made shamelessly clear as to how we empower them simply by believing they exist. That’s it. All we have to do is use the brilliant power of our imagination and bam, we enliven whatever it is we are choosing to believe in, whether or not it actually reflects the highest truth.

For many, this current belief is one that says, because I cannot see where I am going, it is not safe to embrace the journey. It is safer to instead, cling to what I know, despite whether or not what I have come to know is actually in true support of my highest calling and livelihood.


How many times have we told this story.


As I write, I can feel each and every precious and fiery soul, jumping up and down at the opportunity to truly be COURAGEOUS. To look at each and every human fear in the eyes and say, I see you, I love you, but I refuse to stay here in this space with you. You can come with me, but we are not doing this anymore. We are not staying here for a second longer. Join me or not, I am leaving and I am living. I am here and I am Alive.

I hope you know, it isn’t just you that doesn’t ‘know’ what they’re doing, where they’re going, or how it is they’re going to get there. There is quite literally, a collective of people right now that are just beginning to cross over the threshold and it is the single most terrifying thing they have had to do. You are not crossing over alone, sweet angel. Even if you wanted to do this entirely on your own, there is just no way for you to not be supported and affirmed by the rest of the sweet souls on their missions here.

So beloved, embrace the discomfort. If you have been struggling, if this ‘time’ has been rather difficult and distressing for you, ease into it. You do not need to fight it to ‘win’. Feel it out. What has ever been birthed without a bit of discomfort and strain? When has creating a New Earth, a new species ever been pleasant or pain free? If you have been feeling it, know that it is not because you are ‘failing’. It is not because there is anything ‘wrong’ with you. The discomfort is here to let you know to be gentle with yourself and in turn, to be gentle with others. We are all aiding in the delivery of something truly beyond words so please, recognize the colossal work you are doing and know that the pain will not last forever. We are so close, so much closer than it seems. Continue to breathe through it and know that your service does not go unappreciated. You are felt, seen, heard, and so preciously loved.

On this Aries New Moon, choose to be courageous enough to let go of the old story and choose a new one for yourself. Mercury has stationed direct, and while the work will continue on come Saturn’s retrograde, what has been learned throughout the last few weeks is ready to be consciously integrated. Yes, it has been painful. Yes, it has been scary and yes, you are ready to move forward. You are always moving forward, moving Higher, and you are ready to accept this as truth once and for all.

Pluto has been doing some work on the Aries inner planets, and this New Moon is no exception. The Sun perfected its square to Pluto over this last week, pushing us into a corner that we have likely been avoiding for some time, revealing some long buried secrets and shame filled perceptions that hinder our ability to experience ourselves authentically and freely. If you have been allowing this cosmic energy to move and work through you, this last week may have been a bit uncomfortable as old, compulsive thought patterns and habits came to the forefront for transformation. But if you allowed it, and I hope you did, you will be feeling now a new sense of livelihood and revitalization you may not have felt in some time. Yes, parts of you have died. Can you give yourself permission now to feel into what remains, to feel into what is truly alive now? This, is what cannot ever dissipate. This, is what cannot ever be destroyed. This is what You are, and You, shall forever remain. Untouchable. Pure. Whole. You. Pluto has assisted us in recognizing what parts of ourselves we have been holding onto that are simply not true to self, so that we may finally come face to face with the gloriousness of what is real, what is raw. what is true. So here we are.

This is also the last New Moon to be conjunct Uranus in Aries for the next eighty or so years, so if there has been a hunger growing louder and louder inside of you, one that yearns for something truly revolutionary, there has never been a greater time than now to get down on your knees and cater to its wishes. What is the hunger of your Heart screaming for now? What does it beg of you today? Whatever this looks like for you, give yourself permission, even if just for today, to be totally and utterly free. To experience yourself as unshackled, unburdened, and uncaged. Why, just for today?

Because when you get a real taste of freedom, you cannot go back.

So dare to experience yourself today, as free as you already are.

As free as you have always been.

Yes, it is terrifying to admit you yearn for something different, that you desire something fresh and new. But what is more terrifying is pretending as though you are still okay with pretending. Deep within your anger, your impatience, your frustration and your longing, is a message, a divinely planted clue as to what it is you really want.

But you’ll have to stop pretending in order to retrieve it.

In the feeling lies your true desires and in the acknowledgment and embrace of the feeling is how these desires are awakened and furthermore, discerned from false, programmed desires. It is simply impossible to know the difference without feeling them out and because of this, one of the most courageous things you can do for yourself on this Aries New Moon is to simply and truly, allow yourself to feel.

Venus in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio in this New Moon chart is asking us to do just that, because without doing so, we may find it easy or even appealing over this time to instead settle for what seems to be available, easy, and comfortable, and overindulge in that rather than honor what we really want. Sure, while the former seems to be simple and not as scary as getting honest with ourselves, it causes us to truly suffer in ways we do not need to. So yes, honor your pleasure, but be discerning in doing so. Is what you are choosing to indulge in pleasurable on all levels of your being, rather than what just caters to your immediate senses? Is what you are indulging in a distraction from your true desires? From what you really want?

This is not about shame.

Please, honor your highest pleasure and give yourself permission to do so without feeling ashamed of yourself. But if you do find that certain actions being taken are in attempt to fill a void, to distract yourself from something far grander than a brief encounter with an old lover, substance, or habit, I encourage you to look deeper. To feel deeper. Real pleasure does not hurt you after it has been acted on. It sustains and nourishes you. Keep this in Heart and be gentle with yourself, no matter what decisions are made. Regardless, you are loved and accepted. Always, in all-ways.

Just know, if the desire is there to act upon what deep down, you know does not serve you, there is something even deeper that lives there, a longing so urgent and tormenting that the calling of old habits is necessary to bring your attention to it. If the call beckons you, be present with it. Sit with it and listen to what it has to say. Perhaps, it is here to tell you a story, one that both ends and begins with You. Perhaps, it will be the greatest story you have yet to hear. So open yourself to listen, beloved. Whatever impulses arise for you at this time, be present with them, even if initially they appear as an enemy. Not all is what it seems, sweet one, and this story is no different.

Listen to the calling.

Your next step is what lies within it.

Take it day by day, breath by breath.

Even if your breath is filled with fire.

Especially then.

Blessed New Moon.

9 thoughts on “Aries New Moon — Free Falling

  1. Hi Irisa! I was trying to look for old tweets of yours on Twitter and realized your account is gone :(( what happened? I noticed I hadn’t seen you on my tL for a while


  2. I have been experiencing one of the biggest changes/beginnings in my life thus far. There has been a lot of tears and feelings of “loss”. This gave me such deep comfort & a feeling of being loved. Thank you so much for sharing your words, this is exactly what we all needed. May the universe wrap you in light & love ❤️.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been hearing/feeling this for some ‘ time’ now as well. So soon. So soon that it will become unbearable if we continue to cling to the idea that it is not already right Now. Relax into what is now and what is ‘soon’ to ‘come’ will begin to unfold. It is already in unfoldment. Thank you for this beautiful melody and your sweet presence. 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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