Scorpio Full Moon — Climax

What a magical evening it is to be alive.

How utterly magnificent it feels to rise as we have been, as we will continue to.

Can you feel your power being awakened? Can you feel it growling with an insatiable hunger inside of you? Ready to feast on what it has been desiring for far too long?

Today’s Scorpio Full Moon is an enormously potent opportunity for renewal, remembrance, and most importantly, reclamation of the personal power that lies within the acceptance and exploration of authentic desire. Yes, my friends, the word tonight is desire. There is no more running from or denying it because you are ready to receive it all.

But first you will have to be brave enough to ask.

“Desire, my friends, is the key to what you receive. if you desire it, you shall receive it. My friends, often in the illusion which you now experience it seems that you do not acquire what you desire. Perhaps, my friends, you do not understand desire. Perhaps this understanding is not within the intellectual mind. When you become aware of the Creator’s desire, you will know your own and there will be no more confusion. There will be no more questions. You will have found what you have sought. You will have found Love, for this is the desire of your Creator: that all of its parts express and experience the Love that created You.” — Ra, The Law of One

Desire is not a dirty word. It is not something to be discarded of in the name of ‘spirituality’ or ‘selflessness’. To deny yourself of desire is not a noble act, because in doing so, you are denying yourself and the world you came here to serve and transform the many treasures that come from the exploration of your desires. Desire is the fuel that keeps the Heart aflame, it is the sacred fire that burns away all that is not true. Without desire, there is no meaning. Reason for being ceases to exist.

If you are feeling this Full Moon, you may be feeling a surge of anger, one so particular and unique that could only ever come from the long term suppression of what you truly desire, in the name of ‘comfortability’, of wrangled and strained familiarity. Comfortability, my friends, is not what you think it is. What the mind understands to be ‘comfortable’ is likely an outdated definition of what comfort truly is. If the mind associates comfortability with suffering, perhaps a redefinition of comfortability is in order because to be truly comfortable is not at all to endlessly suffer. True comfort is felt on all layers of the body and Spirit, it is pleasure to its highest degree and it is absolutely extraordinary.

What we have come to think of comfort as, my friends, is in truth, familiarity in disguise. And when as familiarity ever been extraordinary? When has it done anything other than create unnecessary suffering? The brain does not care much as to what it is memorizing, whether it be constant pain or joy. To the brain, it does not matter as long as something is being imprinted and stored away to be used going forward. This is a defense mechanism and while potentially beneficial, if you have experienced much suffering early on, what the brain has learned to protect you is likely no longer serving you at this point. And this revelation can be paralyzing because when we take a look at one outdated defense mechanism, at one obsolete belief system, unconsciously we know that means we have no choice but to examine the whole. 

So where do we go from here.

We let the desire seep in. We let ourselves want what it hurts to want.

Today, make a vow to yourself that you will no longer deny yourself of desire. That you will no longer suppress it for the sake of the familiarity that is muffled and muted suffering.

Allow yourself to fantasize, to desire, to yearn for what you have been hiding yourself from. Within this desire, is a clue. A piece of divine information left for you, by You. One that is not to be ignored. Yes, it is scary to admit that you want something else. That you are allowed to want something else. Something unfamiliar. Something you have been told all your life you are not supposed to want. But does the fear make the yearning dissipate? Does it simmer the flame? No. Not even for a moment. In fact, if you let yourself, the fear can be a terrific propellent for the fire that lives inside your Heart. But only if you let it. This is the first ‘step’ to harnessing your god-given creative energy, and that is the glorious entryway into embracing and activating Your Power. Your Sovereignty. Without desire, there is no true power. There is no true freedom.

So if you’ve been thirsting for Your Power, you have to first allow yourself to give into your desires. And this does not necessarily mean acting on them, sweet one, but bringing your awareness to them enough to explore their underlying meaning and purpose. If you feel yourself desiring something you know is no longer of service to you, just let yourself be present with that feeling without trying to act upon or change it. Whatever it is, sit with it and really hold space for yourself to want it. Be kind to yourself while doing so. In this space, you may come to find that what you thought you wanted was just the first layer of what you really want. And that means getting vulnerable. Raw. Naked. Real. Yes, you will feel exposed. You may feel alone. Stranded. Uncertain. And then, you will feel alive. Transformed. Ready to explore the depths of Yourself. Ready to explore the ‘more’ you have been longing for. And that in itself is “doing the work”, beloved. That in itself is so deeply powerful.

Enough of saying yes to what is familiar, to what disguises itself as comfortability but in reality is slowly killing your ability to feel, to throb and quake and tremble with pleasure as you deserve to.

Scorpio Full Moon

While there are a few aspects making an appearance throughout this Full Moon, the fixed grand cross is calling and it says, no matter how uncomfortable it may get, you are ready for this breakthrough, for this evolution, for the unfolding that is You. Squares are intended to get our attention. They are a nudge (okay, a push, and sometimes not the kindest one) from the cosmos so that if we have forgotten what we came here to do, we have no choice but to Remember. It is from the pressure of the square, that something is created. And we always have the power to choose what that ‘something’ is, whether it be more suffering or the transformation of it entirely. As the Nodes in particular are squaring this Full Moon, it is likely that you may be called to release something you have come to know and love, something you have grown attached to that is just no longer supporting your greatest experience of existence.

This does not necessarily mean it will be something drastic, nor does it mean the literal release of this ‘thing’. Sometimes, it is as simple and still, as profound, as releasing (transforming) an idea or belief you have about that ‘thing’, whatever it may be. Regardless, something tremendously powerful is happening here, and I know you can feel it. On this Full Moon, know that what you are willing to surrender and release will undoubtedly pave the way for a true foundation to begin building upon. After so long of reflecting, of doing the inner work and healing, you are ready to build – something sustainable. Something that truly honors the potency of your creative power, your desires, your Godhood.

That is, if you are ready to say goodbye to the last threads of the old.

If you can be brave enough to trust that what once was, will not even pale in comparison to what is in the midst of being created right here and now, you will then be choosing to experience the true enormity that is your creative power.

So will you?

Blessed Full Moon, Beloveds. And many many many more.

5 thoughts on “Scorpio Full Moon — Climax

  1. What does holding space for these thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. that come up look like? Meditating? Closing your eyes, and visualizing space held for them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Meditating’ is definitely an excellent way to hold space. But you also don’t need to get caught up in the idea of ‘meditation’. Whatever that look/feel like to you, be present with that. When I think of holding space, I think of sitting with whatever I am feeling. Letting myself feel it, observing it, and not jumping to act or react. It seems like you already have your answer : )


  2. It took me a few days to let this message and its energy sink in. Thank you for the vibration you sent out, I needed to clear the last pieces to know my true desire. It is New Earth. Where all people live in harmony, peace, equality and there is only love. Where we once again claim our (super-)natural powers such as teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, flying, leaping,… where we live in total harmony with nature and eachother. Where we support eachother and work together. Heaven or Paradise as it is called. A deep yearning which so well explains the utter boredom I have been feeling for so many years, like many others. Perhaps it is because we ´know’ there is so much more than the life we live, a totally different world that is on the verge of being activated. That is my desire. And it grows stronger everyday. ❤️✨🕊PS: are you Maria Magdalena?


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