August, The Ever-Burning Flame

A light stood still, devoted and unwavering.
What first began as an ordinary day, the flame burning as it did any other evening, soon became something far greater. By the next morning, the flame had not gone. Still it stood, calm and enduring. Initially this did not cause much excitement, but as the sun set and the night rolled in, it continued to burn with a steadiness so visible that onlookers could not help but gather round and observe. Soon enough, hundreds of townsfolk were watching and praising the candle, cackling with disbelief and amazement at its very existence. The flame continued to burn throughout the following weeks, retreating not from the rumbling wind and heavy rains. Months passed and the light refused to dim, not when the onlookers celebrated its radiance and not when they grew satiated and accustomed to it and went on their way.

The light burns, persevering all that, in a non-magical world, would threaten it.

It burns not because it is being celebrated, but because it is by nature, unyieldingly warm.

The Sun has entered Leo and a fire has been lit.

This fire does not fine-tune itself to fit one standard or the other, it does not burn in ways one would expect. And in this, it is able to keep all who come near it glowing with heat, enlivened and curious and welcomed and warm. Because this light chooses not to cater only to one individual or the other, but instead, honors the perfect nature in which it and all things divinely exist, all are then able to benefit from its sweltering grace. All may gather round and bow in reverence to its undying endearment, singing songs of the highest praise and glory.

And when morning comes and the onlookers leave, the flame does not shrink.

When the songs of celebration stop, still the flame burns on. Though the applause of others may for a moment re-ignite the fire, it can never be the sustaining reason alone. So while the crowds may come and go, when there is a cold mother and child, a lone traveler with no home, the flame warms and nourishes them with no fault or hesitation. Love is the reason the flame does not cease and so long as this remains the focus, the fire burns on.

But of course, the moment the praise of many overlook the true gratitude and reflection of One, the light begins to dim.

So here we are.

You are more than the response you receive when others pay homage to your greatness.

You are full and electric and alive not just when you are seen.

So you need not withhold your warmth, your charisma, your light when it feels like you are not receiving the recognition you know it deserves.

This eternal flame we speak of, knows exactly who and what it is.

It does not need to be told, in order to burn bright.

And neither do you.

Knowing this, choosing to emit and radiate the light that most perfectly exists inside of You, even when nobody is telling you just how invigorating and potent it is, is what it feels like to truly be in your power.

Because what good is an unruly Solar Plexus that is not pulling light from the Heart.

This is our beckoning this season, earth angels.

Do we know the true origins of power?

And beyond knowing – how comfortable are we acting in alignment with what we know?

Can we trust in the Light of Our Heart when we are not being celebrated for doing so?

What does power look like when it is unreliant on the disempowerment of others?

Revelation and Opening for All.

Hopefully, by the end of this Cancer solar month, we have developed a more nourishing and compassionate relationship with our needs as well as our emotions, one that requires a deeper level of discipline and self accountability (thank you, Saturn and Pluto).

Throughout this last month, we were in many ways, asked to take a look at what we have built our emotionally-important foundations on. How stable are they really and how deep within are we willing to venture in order to make them so?

In the initial exploration and acceptance of our true needs, we often find ourselves realizing that something just isn’t working. That something needs to budge.

And if we know anything about the nature of the Cancer and Leo crossroads, we know this is not something the energetics here are all too comfortable with.

But like it or not, at some point if we truly wish to be sustainably comfortable in ourselves, our relationships, our professions…our life direction as a whole, we may have to get really fucking uncomfortable first, and this often means using the painful emotions and subconscious reflections as a tool, rather than seeing them as the enemy.

Perhaps that be by taking the nostalgia from a painful situation that keeps you stuck in a space that no longer exists and instead, using it as fuel to birth a life that supports, rather than takes away from your presence. Perhaps that may be by using feelings of insecurity or abandonment to cultivate more nourishing and emotionally valuable relationships, rather than locking ourselves away in the belief that we are unlovable and unworthy.

To go one direction, we’ll have to swing back around. Perhaps even go back and forth, side to side, just for a bit.

(Thank you, Cancer).

The tides have turned and the water is clear.

It’s a beautiful night for a fire on the sand.

So gather your grievances, collect the pain you believe belongs to you,
and throw it all in.

The fire will not retaliate.

It will burn brighter and warmer, grateful for your offering.

The energetics within this month ask us not to forget our discomforts and troubles, but to use them as fuel to ignite a Sovereignty unlike ever before.

Beloveds, do not be afraid to burn.

Your Heart knows nothing else.

Surrender to its untamed will and you too will know what it means to be Free.

We kick off this fiery Leo season with the Sun forming a trine with a first quarter Moon in Sagittarius, calling us to fill ourselves with something that revives the much needed spark of passion and excitement that may have been temporarily extinguished as we retreated into our soft, albeit weary shells.

If you are still feeling weary and undesiring to return to the world, know that there is no rush. And all the same, when you do feel the impulse of the fire returning to you and wanting to share that, know that you are supported and it is safe to do so.

There is much talk of the Leo solar month and energy being related to romance, and while this may be true, what these affairs of the Heart all reflect is our relationship with the Divine, the Beloved of all Beloveds.

Essentially, the Cancer solar month is an opportunity to explore, to deepen, and to nourish this relationship with the Divine, so when the Sun enters Leo, we feel confident and secure enough to let this relationship play out in the external world. To let our unique and one of a kind source-encoded expression of and relationship with Self(The One and The All) shine through in every moment, in any and every way it desires, rather than picking and choosing how it does so. In the allowance and acceptance of this unfiltered expression, we eventually come to know that this is all the ‘protection’ we need, that we do not have to continue to hide behind a thick shell that all too quickly can become an unsupportive wall. In the Knowing Of Who We Are, it becomes impossible to allow what is not in reflection of this Knowing to enter our fields. We learn to say NO to what feels disempowering and from this space, crystal clear, heart-based boundaries are birthed that do not buckle under pressure because they have been formed from a Knowing everlasting.

When you know who and what you are, you understand that by nature you are safe. Safe to open your Heart, to Love fiercely and without restriction, simply because you trust yourself enough to recognize and discern when something is not honoring you and needs redirection.

The Solar Plexus IS the center from which Source/Self-Realization shines through. It is the spark of light that aids in our remembrance, as well as the WILL and determination to follow it through.

So can we see how it is also the space in which our sense of boundaries express themselves?

That without a clear Self-Knowing, a healthy and luminescent Ego, it becomes very difficult to maintain clear boundaries, thus making heart-based expression and connection almost impossible.

When we know who we are, we know how to say no to what does not reflect that.

When we know who we are, we know how to connect with others and the world in a way that expands and empowers our Love, rather than disavows it.

So if there is one thing you receive from the ever potent energies of this solar month, may it be Your Knowing.

May you stand liberated in your power, honored to be Exalted In Who You Are.

May you allow yourself to see this wealth of power in all you encounter, as well as theirs in your own.

There is no one like you.

May this month be the grandest celebration of that.

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