I was unsure of whether or not I truly wanted to do an ‘about me’ page, as I find it rather difficult to categorize or even describe myself in a verbal expression. I would prefer to simply open myself as a container in which you can individually receive what you need from me, rather than for me to tell you ‘what’ or ‘who’ I Am, because the ultimate magnitude of my being (and Yours) could never be reduced to words, to a few adjectives or descriptions. Yes, words hold tremendous power and I quite enjoy playing with them as a tool to inspire emotion. But the truth is, where we are going, the words will begin to matter less and less as they are replace with the essence from which they emerge: feeling.

That being said, my name is Irisa. Or Iris. Whichever you prefer.



My first memory of internal dialogue was based in a state of deep confusion. I had awoken from a dream so lucid and vividly captivating that no-one and no-thing could convince me that it was not absolute truth. So when I rose from my bed, I was unsure of where I truly was. I had learned a bit prior to that about the nature of ‘dreams’, and yet I had no understanding of how to discern what the real dream was; the ‘reality’ I had awakened to or the world within my subconscious mind. From that moment on and for the next few years, I was in a complete and utter haze. After some comparison and contemplation, I had decided that both were dream realms, and that neither were  a fixed truth in nature. Rather, I had chosen to create and explore them, and for that simple reason I decided to play along within the dream realm we call reality. And so here I am, still playing along as the wondrous child I have always been and will forever be.

I now find myself as a psychology major, focusing primarily within the transpersonal realms. The human psyche has always been of profound fascination to me, and the additional work I do beyond traditional psychological practice affirms that. In fact, the underlying reason why I went to school was to ‘formally’ blend together my astrological practice with a Jungian based psychological model. In my opinion, the primary component or resource that is missing from traditional, westernized psychology is Spirit, and I am here as a bridge between worlds.